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The Boxer Rebellion

I’ve been delving into the Bandwidth Sessions archives lately, and so far this year I’ve unreleased a few ‘Friday Flashbacks’ onto the facebook and twitter pages – my version of a Throwback Thursday, before I knew there was such a thing. It was on my journey into the depths that I found this gem of a session with The Boxer Rebellion, who visited Belfast way back in 2011 at a gig in the now defunct Auntie Annies. It’s hard to describe how things get lost and forgotten about, they fall down the back of life’s sofa, but then you get to fins them all over again in a brand new light.… Read More ▼

Edward F Butler

I first met Edward F Butler through his brilliant but sadly now defunct band H:OWL. Ed’s solo material happily picks up from where the band left off, and even more excitedly takes it in stunning new directions.… Read More ▼

Richard Clements Richard Clements

Richard Clements is an acclaimed actor from Northern Ireland who has appeared in films like Titanic Town and the hugely successful BBC/RTÉ series The Fall. It also happens that he is an incredibly gifted singer and songwriter. Richard contacted me a few months ago and admitted that he had a series of compositions written but never recorded – so what would any responsible cameraman do other than grab a camera, borrow Duke Special‘s rehearsal room in Belfast city centre, and commit as many songs to record as possible. What followed is a sublime 20 minutes of free flowing performance that’s absolutely delightful to behold. … Read More ▼

Kate Quinby vlcsnap-2015-03-09-13h52m45s191 copy

Kate Quinby is a remarkable artist who has come to our shores by way of New Orleans, via Chicago, with journeys through Argentina and Uganda along the way. Her music is as rich and eclectic as you could imagine with such a heritage, evoking blues, jazz, and gospel – you can hear it in the two covers she plays here, by Emily King and Etta James, along with an original piece.

Kate has also worked with a local charity called Tools For Solidarity – so when we were talking about possible locations to shoot the videos, it naturally came up. What a space it is. It’s been in the news lately, after thieves targeted it twice in a month, so it feels good to give something positive back to the space. For the session, Kate was joined by Tom Tabori on bass and Damian Mills on percussion, rounding out the sound perfectly.… Read More ▼

A Plastic Rose – ‘Pumping Blood’ A Plastic Rose

A Plastic Rose are simply one of the best bands in Northern Irish scene at the moment, and it’s just a plain damn honour to work with them again.

For this latest video, we thought we’d try something different. ‘Pumping Blood’ is an entirely open source video project. All the footage you see in the promo below is downloadable, entirely free, to you on a creative commons licence. You can download the footage, edit your own version, and then upload it youtube, vimeo, facebook, wherevever you like – and add your own footage if you so wish.

Just go to and get clicking … Read More ▼

Duke Special Live From The Empire Music Hall – DVD out now!


Duke Special Live from Empire Music Hall is now available! This is a very special concert film I produced with Duke Special over 5 nights at the famous Belfast venue in 2013, featuring show highlights and exclusive acoustic sessions. Filmed by myself (Will), Daniel J Brown and Paul McParland of Mojo Films and featuring the music of Duke Special, General Fiasco​ (in their final ever gig), the Arco String Quartet​ and the ghosts of Harry Nilsson​ and Ivor Cutler​. This film is really something else, and I’m very proud to have been a part of it.

You can buy it here

Polly Barrett Polly Barrett

In June this year I travelled down to Schull in beautiful West Cork and spent a day recording with the supremely talented Polly Barrett

Polly’s voice is sensational, and her lyrics highlight those personal, sometimes imperceptible moments that make up the magic of a moment in time, a memory, a relationship – particularly in the achingly beautiful ‘Sunday’s Well’. ‘P Stands for Paddy’ was a wonderful impromptu recording, showing Polly’s great traditional repertoire that you’ll often see her dip into when she’s playing regular gigs at local markets and pubs in the West Cork area.… Read More ▼

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