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Notes from a Belfast Music Scene

A Plastic Rose – ‘Pumping Blood’ A Plastic Rose

A Plastic Rose are simply one of the best bands in Northern Irish scene at the moment, and it’s just a plain damn honour to work with them again.

For this latest video, we thought we’d try something different. ‘Pumping Blood’ is an entirely open source video project. All the footage you see in the promo below is downloadable, entirely free, to you on a creative commons licence. You can download the footage, edit your own version, and then upload it youtube, vimeo, facebook, wherevever you like – and add your own footage if you so wish.

Just go to and get clicking … Read More ▼

Duke Special Live From The Empire Music Hall – DVD out now!


Duke Special Live from Empire Music Hall is now available! This is a very special concert film I produced with Duke Special over 5 nights at the famous Belfast venue in 2013, featuring show highlights and exclusive acoustic sessions. Filmed by myself (Will), Daniel J Brown and Paul McParland of Mojo Films and featuring the music of Duke Special, General Fiasco​ (in their final ever gig), the Arco String Quartet​ and the ghosts of Harry Nilsson​ and Ivor Cutler​. This film is really something else, and I’m very proud to have been a part of it.

You can buy it here

Polly Barrett Polly Barrett

In June this year I travelled down to Schull in beautiful West Cork and spent a day recording with the supremely talented Polly Barrett

Polly’s voice is sensational, and her lyrics highlight those personal, sometimes imperceptible moments that make up the magic of a moment in time, a memory, a relationship – particularly in the achingly beautiful ‘Sunday’s Well’. ‘P Stands for Paddy’ was a wonderful impromptu recording, showing Polly’s great traditional repertoire that you’ll often see her dip into when she’s playing regular gigs at local markets and pubs in the West Cork area.… Read More ▼

Hannah Peel Hannah Peel

Hannah Peel is an extraordinary artist and multi-instrumentalist, originally from Northern Ireland and now living and working out of London. Though her incredible live show encompasses everything from haunting melodies to trad rhythms, and heavy electronica beats, one of Hannah’s most current ear-catching creations are her handmade music box compositions, constructed from cardboard and a hole-punch.

Hannah kindly agreed to take time out from a soundcheck at Belfast’s Black Box to take to the streets of Belfast and record this simple and beautiful version, which Hannah calls the ‘Rebox’ version, of her track ‘Invisible City’.… Read More ▼

L Con L Con

L Con is the musical project of Canadian musician Lisa Conway. Currently a student at Queen’s University’s amazing SARC (Sonic Arts Research Centre), which is a laboratory of strange and wonderful sound-related experimentation and a hotbed of achingly talented musicians from all around the world.

Lisa’s incredible ear for sound and melody is obvious in these tracks which we recorded in Belfast’s Botanic Gardens. She admitted on that balmy June day that she owes her unique vocal sound to ‘probably listening to nothing but Billie Halliday while growing up’ – which is no bad thing – mix in electronica and a violin and you are getting closer to the unique sound of L Con.

Here is a stand out track ‘Cogs Awry’ – a song about ‘slowly going crazy’ – while another, as yet untitled, is a voice composition Lisa has written for 3 performers and is an adaptation of Ovid’s classic poem ‘Metamorphoses’.… Read More ▼

Passenger Passenger

It’s great to work with in Dublin again since I last filmed for their State Intervention series. And what a comeback for the series, a mini concert with Mike Rosenberg, aka Passenger, which coincided with his mini busking tour of the UK and Ireland. Filmed outside the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, this was a magic moment for the fans, particularly when he segued into his 2013 summer hit ‘Let Her Go’.

Keep checking State on Twitter for news of more Interventions coming soon.

“Let Her Go”

“Hearts on Fire” … Read More ▼

Jon Gomm vlcsnap-00024

English guitarist Jon Gomm became somewhat of a youtube sensation lately, when his incredible guitar skills in a 2011 recording of his track ‘Passionflower’ went viral. How Jon uses the percussive and textural elements of his battered old guitar is as mesmerising to watch as it is to hear.

So it was great to hear that he was on tour with a new album ‘Secrets Nobody Keeps’, and what’s more allowed me to record him hours before his Belfast show. This track ‘Telepathy’ was recorded in one take and is, as far as I’m aware, the first recording of this track ever put online. Enjoy.

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