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L Con

L Con is the musical project of Canadian musician Lisa Conway. Currently a student at Queen’s University’s amazing SARC (Sonic Arts Research Centre), which is a laboratory of strange and wonderful sound-related experimentation and a hotbed of achingly talented musicians from all around the world.

Lisa’s incredible ear for sound and melody is obvious in these tracks which we recorded in Belfast’s Botanic Gardens. She admitted on that balmy June day that she owes her unique vocal sound to ‘probably listening to nothing but Billie Halliday while growing up’ – which is no bad thing – mix in electronica and a violin and you are getting closer to the unique sound of L Con.

Here is a stand out track ‘Cogs Awry’ – a song about ‘slowly going crazy’ – while another, as yet untitled, is a voice composition Lisa has written for 3 performers and is an adaptation of Ovid’s classic poem ‘Metamorphoses’. Read More


It’s great to work with in Dublin again since I last filmed for their State Intervention series. And what a comeback for the series, a mini concert with Mike Rosenberg, aka Passenger, which coincided with his mini busking tour of the UK and Ireland. Filmed outside the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, this was a magic moment for the fans, particularly when he segued into his 2013 summer hit ‘Let Her Go’.

Keep checking State on Twitter for news of more Interventions coming soon.

“Let Her Go”

“Hearts on Fire”
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Jon Gomm

English guitarist Jon Gomm became somewhat of a youtube sensation lately, when his incredible guitar skills in a 2011 recording of his track ‘Passionflower’ went viral. How Jon uses the percussive and textural elements of his battered old guitar is as mesmerising to watch as it is to hear.

So it was great to hear that he was on tour with a new album ‘Secrets Nobody Keeps’, and what’s more allowed me to record him hours before his Belfast show. This track ‘Telepathy’ was recorded in one take and is, as far as I’m aware, the first recording of this track ever put online. Enjoy.

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A Plastic Rose

Of all the bands in Ireland North and South how I’ve ever worked with, A Plastic Rose hold a special place in my heart. They were one of the first bands I ever recorded, and it was through them and singer Gerry Norman’s infamous byob-acoustic music night at Charlie’s Coffee Shop in Belfast that I got to meet and work with so many local acts.

So this session is a very special one for me, not least because in all the times I’ve worked with the lads, it marks the first time I’ve managed to get all of them to sit down in a room together and play acoustically for the camera. Read More

Interview with Anobium

Many thanks to Garrett Tiedemann of Chicago-based art/noise/publishing blog Anobium. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Garrett by email over the course of several weeks and this interview is a summary of our conversations. Part 1 is up now, with part 2 to follow on Sunday. Thanks Garrett!


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Dave Clark

Every now and then you meet an artist who changes everything for you.

This June I was invited down to the beautiful setting of Loftus Hall in the stunning surroundings of Co. Wexford to film some of the area’s local friendly musicians. The invitation came from Wexford County Council, who kindly commissioned a series of videos with 5 Wexford artists – and I’m so glad they did. I was amazed by the quality of the artists from there – but then why should I be surprised? It’s a magical place.

So I’ll be releasing the videos over the next few weeks. And the first artist I want to bring you is Dave Clark who, if there is any justice in the world, should be the richest most famous and celebrated songwriter in the world. His voice is incredible, I’ve quite simply never heard anything like him in my life. I’d best describe Dave as kind of a mix between Jeff Buckley and Otis Reading. Spread the word, bang on doors, if you’re a record company and you’re reading this sentence right now, sign him up.

Here are three live tracks which, simply put, will stun you. Enjoy. Read More

Bhi Bhiman

Bhi Bhiman is a blues-folk artist with Sri Lankan heritage originally from St Louis, Missouri. You may have seen him perform the track ‘Guttersnipe’ on Jools Holland recently.

He was in Belfast in June playing a show at the Black Box, and I recorded the above track and one other, a sweet and rather inspired cover version of Dire Straits’ ‘Walk of Life’.

Bhi also recorded a session with the lads at RECreate while he was in Belfast, and is definitely worth checking out.

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