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IN STORES NOW#51: Gascan Ruckus

In Stores Now: a nice gentle place, where bands can take time out of their day to play slow and acoustic versions of their music to an empty room.

Er.. no.

We’re about going to the music and finding it out where it lives, the dirty oil-filled garage or untidied bedroom where it was born, filming it as it’s meant to be.

And in that spirit, Gascan Ruckus are kind enough to just get the rock out, in a garage in Co. Armagh, with a bunch of select fans.

Don’t worry – there’s an acousticy bit too, when after much sweaty moshing, they swapped their guitars for banjos and beer bottles and played into the night (with the appearance, unexpectedly, of a Quarrymen cover).

Now that’s more like it.

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Camera/Edit: Will McConnell
Sound Mix: Ryan McCann
Filmed in Co. Armagh, February 2011

Creative Commons Free to Distribute Non Commercial Share Alike

  • Lynsey Mc Kernan

    Really impressed! Really felt like I was in on the rehearsal with the claustrophobic sweaty filming! Great shots, really captured the moment of a GCR jamming session!
    Especially loved the Quarrymen moment!

  • Kill The Idol

    Good goin lads! Doin any of these live?

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