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La Faro Live@The Menagerie, Belfast 28.04.10

The very awesome La Faro booked a three-night residency in Belfast’s Menagerie this April to promote their latest album.

Each night a different support act were invited – and there were some great acts like Fighting With Wire and Jetplane Landing. Bandwidth was there the third night, where the admittedly unexpected announcement was made that Farriers would fill the final support slot.

Bandwidth is totally gay for La Faro and our friends will be no strangers to Farriers, so it goes without saying how excited we were to be there. Let the videos commence.

Download for iPod (89.3 MB)

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No we couldn’t resist this opportunity. A little kept secret of this century is that La Faro frontman Johnny Black is partial to a little bluegrass and folk – and that he and Farriers’ male singer Stephen McCartney share a fancy for a little Old Crow Medecine Show.

So this film was in the half an hour between soundcheck and doors open. Prizes to the person who names every folk and blues reference in this acoustic jam. Not really.

Download for iPod (163.1 MB)

Filmed by Will McConnell & Sean Duncan in Belfast, April 2010
Creative Commons Free to Distribute Non Commercial Share Alike

  • Ron Abernethy

    Seriously, it’s like we don’t even exist. I despair.

  • Bandwidth

    Shit. Everyone check out the amazing BLACK BEAR SALOON who were also playing that night – and who we unfortunately didn’t get time to film!!
    Go here and check out them tunes you won’t be disappointed

    Will that do?? :)

  • Ron Abernethy

    Aye, suppose it will!

  • Will McConnell


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