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A Plastic Rose Live@The Mandela Hall, 27.01.11

2011 sure kicked off with a bang; the final concert in an epic series celebrating local music, You Are, crowned an amazing 365 days of local music – the setting was The Mandela Hall in Belfast – and A Plastic Rose were front and center. Sad times too, because this date also marked the last stand of one our favorite acts The Good Fight. There were also added strains – the gig took place during Belfast’s infamous coldsnap and resulting water outage – and Plastic Rose’s frontman Gerry Norman was recently out of surgery for an ear infection.

Not to be put out, A Plastic Rose took to the stage to lift the room’s spirits (with a 4-piece orchestra in tow, no less) and the resulting effort captured really all that’s good about the Northern Irish music scene – friendship, devotion, passion and balls-put rock riffs.

Since then, things have only gotten bigger and better – with a mini album ‘The Promise Notes’ released last week on DiDiMau Records – and a supporting tour – A Plastic Rose have gone from strength to strength and are getting stronger.

Watch out for much, much more from them in 2011.

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Camera/edit: Will McConnell
Filmed in The Mandela Hall, Belfast in January 2011

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