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And So I Watch You From Afar: Gangs

Our old friends And So I Watch You From Afar invited the Bandwidth cameras into the recording studio a month or so ago, with the plan to record their latest album ‘Gangs’ all through, live, in one go, without stopping. It was a great experiment, resulting in some high energy performance, and some practically-imperfect improvisation from the band, and from me behind the camera. A fun thing to do.

This is Fake DIY blogged the results, one track a day, leading up to the album launch last week.

Here it is on Bandwidth in its original unadulterated form. Enjoyez-vous.

Camera: Will McConnell
Recorded in Start Together Studios, Belfast March 2011

  • Clem

    This band is so fuckin’ awesome. ‘Should be more known…

    ASIWYFA <3

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