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Dave Clark

Every now and then you meet an artist who changes everything for you.

This June I was invited down to the beautiful setting of Loftus Hall in the stunning surroundings of Co. Wexford to film some of the area’s local friendly musicians. The invitation came from Wexford County Council, who kindly commissioned a series of videos with 5 Wexford artists – and I’m so glad they did. I was amazed by the quality of the artists from there – but then why should I be surprised? It’s a magical place.

So I’ll be releasing the videos over the next few weeks. And the first artist I want to bring you is Dave Clark who, if there is any justice in the world, should be the richest most famous and celebrated songwriter in the world. His voice is incredible, I’ve quite simply never heard anything like him in my life. I’d best describe Dave as kind of a mix between Jeff Buckley and Otis Reading. Spread the word, bang on doors, if you’re a record company and you’re reading this sentence right now, sign him up.

Here are three live tracks which, simply put, will stun you. Enjoy.

‘Dream Travellin’

‘Brother John’

‘Drowning Ophelia’

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