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State Intervention #6: Sons Of Noel & Adrian

State Intervention is a collaboration between Bandwidth and State webzine in Dublin. Flash gigs in Dublin’s shops, bars, parks and street corners, promoted purely online through State’s Twitter and Facebook profiles. Details are announced on the day, so keep up to date and find your way down.

The 6th State Intervention gig, a busking session with Sons Of Noel & Adrian from Brighton, bravely competing against Dublin shoppers and the GAA cup final – for those who caught the gig it was a great day, and we made 50 cents profit to boot – roll on good times!

Subscribe to the State Twitter feed and watch out for the next gig.

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Camera/Edit: Will McConnell
Sound/Mix: Ian Maleny

  • Paesaggiosensoriale

    I like them a lot. They remember me a bit Beirut…..but with a more regular sound. Thanks for sharing

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